About Dev News Network Africa

Development News Network Africa – is an independent non-profit news organization founded by Media Advocacy Promotion for Development Initiative (MAPDi, a registered media NGO CAC/IT/NO66857) to cover underreported and development issues plus activities of the non-profits’ sector – as well as produce contents as a watchdog that support functioning democracy, civic engagement, increase citizen awareness and participation on how government action affects their livelihood.

DevNewsAfrica will produce and distribute news through its web-based news platform www.dnnafrica.com , posting on social media networks and broadcast syndicated productions.

DevNewsAfrica creates a catch as to where general news is being reported, while focus is on the development angle to the news which is reflected in the motto as … “Stories That Matter”

 DevNewsAfrica – will deliver as;

  • Issue-based news platform using Data and Solutions Journalism techniques.
  • Amplify underreported and development issues across board.
  • Report activities of within and outside Nigeria.
  • Watchdog on governmental policies and programmes.

Editorial Statement

To practice journalism that aims at bringing improvement to people’s lives, create social change and longevity on issues reportage by playing the watchdog on governmental policies and programmes as it affects socio-economic development.


Editorial Policy

The following are the editorial policy highly considered in our editorial engagement;

  • In-depth Research (Fact Check)
  • Issues- based reportage
  • Distinguished from propaganda
  • Longevity on reported issues (Follow-up)
  • Public Interest that aim for change
  • Fairness & Independence
  • Create awareness

Editorial Engagement

Media Advocacy Promotion (MAPDi) 
Newsroom: Tel; +234-905-4565523, 703-8128910
Email: editor@dnnafrica.com, dnnafrica@gmail.com
Office: 2nd Floor, 42, Montgomery Road, Yaba, Lagos, West Africa.